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Over the weekend, I upgraded the Google Translate Widget into TranslateThisButton. In the following screenshot, I highlighted the area you might be interested to try out. I tested under Chrome/Firefox/Safara/IE6 and all are working.

This tool was created by Jon Raasch. Very nice work based on Google Translate API. Thanks a lot, Jon!

The TranslateThis Button is a lightweight Javascript translation widget. It translates any page quickly using AJAX and the Google Language API.

The TranslateThis Button allows you to set a number of options:

* Tracking with Google Analytics
* Changing the button image
* Changing text options
* Changing supported languages
* Callback functions
* And more...

The TranslateThis Button leverages the Google Language API so the translation it provides is the same as Google Translate. However it provides a number of advantages over Google Translate's widget.

* First Google Translate's widget is an ugly dropdown of languages, while the TranslateThis Button provides a nice user interface to access the languages.

* But more importantly, the TranslateThis Button doesn't redirect users to translate.google.com, meaning that it allows you to retain the users on your site, along with any linkbacks, tracking data, etc.

* Finally the scripts processes the translation with a number of parallel Javascript calls, meaning that for most websites the translation is faster than Google Translate.


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