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I got a watch and the band needs adjusted to fit my wrist.


answers from wiki

If you examine the links carefully, on the back you will see some arrows on some links. Those links are removable. Examine the edge of the band and you will see some very small holes and inside those holes you will see the ends of some tiny pins that hold the links together. To remove the pins, use a very small jewelers screwdriver, small enough to fit into the hole, and press in the direction of the arrow. In other words, the arrow shows the direction the pin will move when you press it out.

Some of the pins in my band were very tight, so I turned the band on it's side on a block of soft wood and gently tapped the end of my jewelers screwdriver to push them out.
Pay attention as you press the pin out so you will see that the two ends are different. You will want to remember this when you reassemble the band, to make sure you put the pins in correctly.

To reconnect the links, just put the pin back in and press it in place tightly.

Before googling, I did find small arrow sign on the back of the band, which made me believe that I can do it by myself! However, I don't have the jewelers screwdriver mentioned above ......

As shown in the photos above, I used the tools I have around, and finally managed to remove couple links of the band. Yep!


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