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I am totally amazed! Just like a "shanzhai" macbook air, and of course, much much cheaper ...

Part 1, basic installation
watch at youtube.com

Welcome to my video on installing OS X Leopard on the Lenovo S10 netbook via a USB Flash Drive. Since the S10 has no built in optical drive, and not everyone has a USB DVD drive, a flash drive installation is a good alternative.

Please watch the ENTIRE video before attempting ANYTHING!

ALSO, you need access to OS X Disk Utility for this tutorial. That means either you must have a Mac, or have access to one. Or, you have a PC that can dual boot and has OS X up and running.

ALSO, please note, this video only covers the basic install to get you up and running. After the installation, things like sound, wireless and sleep DO NOT work right away. I will show you how to fix these broken components in my next video, Part 2.

The flash drive I am using is a Sandisk Cruzer Micro 4GB U3. On sale at Wal-Mart at the time of this publishing for $14.99 :)

For the PC portion, I am using Vista.

U3 Uninstall Software if you need it at:

Obtain OSx86 Tools from:
NOTE: If you experience an UN-bootable USB drive as some have, you probably need the older version of OSX86Tools. Follow this link http://tinyurl.com/ctk33p ONLY IF THE NEWER VERSION FROM THE LINK ABOVE FAILS TO WORK FOR YOU.

For the WINDosx86.iso you are on your own. Easy to find with a little search ... of that exact file name ;)

Look for my next video (Part 2) on how to get OS X fully tweaked and your hardware working correctly. I'll also get you updated to 10.5.6 with all additional updates using the built in Software Updater in OS X.

Part 2, fix things and update
watch at youtube.com

Please watch the ENTIRE video before attempting ANYTHING!

You will need a USB Keyboard, Mouse and Flash Drive to complete this tutorial. A part of the tutorial will kill the S10s keyboard and trackpad for a moment, requiring the external ones. The flash drive can be used to get the files listed below from a computer with internet access to your S10.

Files Needed:

10.5.6 Upgrade Pack, AppleACPI, bcm43xx_enabler, ClamshellDisplay, EHCISleepEnabler and EHCI Readme found here:

Audieee and AzaliaAudio found here:

CHUD here:

OSX86Tools here:
NOTE: If you experience an UN-bootable USB drive as some have, you probably need the older version of OSX86Tools. Follow this link http://tinyurl.com/ctk33p ONLY IF THE NEWER VERSION FROM THE LINK ABOVE FAILS TO WORK FOR YOU.

Sorry, can't add the text as I wanted to from the video regarding the plist file editing. YouTube doesn't like the code in the description apparently as it won't save with it. You'll have to rely on the scrolling text in the video, or, I also added a README file in the files above.

Known current issues:
-Mic & Wired Ethernet Jack Not Functional
-When resuming from sleep, erratic mouse behavior or zeros being typed sometimes appear. Simply tap the space bar key to resolve this issue if it happens to correct mouse and/or stop text.
-Trackpad System Settings Pane disappears with 10.5.6, but keeps adjustments made before update. FIX NOW AVAILABLE in Part 3.
-Trackpad is hyperactive at login screen, but re-enables your settings once logged in.

Part 3, fix trackpad
watch at youtube.com

According to Alex King's review, Lenovo's S10 won at the end.
"I brought the Lenovo with me to SxSW and was really pleased with it as a conference machine. Easy to get out and use in cramped quarters - easy and light to carry in a small bag (no backpack or messenger bag needed). It’s not replacing my Air anytime soon - I don’t see myself doing development on it - but it’s great for quick communication needs, browsing and note taking. I’m looking forward to getting the more stable SSD drive to make it a real “take anywhere” machine."

wow ...
watch at youtube.com

My S10 OSX Review w/ Video
by foeix » Sat Nov 08, 2008 9:56 pm

I have been so impressed with OSX on this machine that I felt I needed to tell others about how well the S10 works running OSX. Let me preface by saying that I bought a new aluminum MacBook the day it came out. I couldn't get over the glossy screen and eventually returned it. After reading these forums I decided I would buy an S10 and see how it would handle OSX. I have had good experiences with Thinkpads in the past and had high hopes for the S10. So far I have been very pleased.

My setup

I am currently running the MSIWIND distro with everything working except the ethernet and microphone on a top end S10 from Circuit City. I installed the ISO without a CD drive or Flash drive on the recovery partition using a small piece of software found on InsanelyMac. The install was a bit of a journey, but finally after a MBR rebuild it has been easy. I collected all the drivers and software from here and InsanelyMac and recently got two finger scroll working really well.


Don't underestimate the Atom. This machine blows away my old 12in Powerbook. Things load quickly, graphics are impressive and it can squeak by about 2:50 of runtime with the 3cell. If the computer is asleep the battery discharges at a rate of about 1.5% an hour. I like a silent computer - and if you boot the machine from cold the fan will not kick in. Now you should be mindful of the stress you put on the processor and heat but I have found the CPU to run at a tolerable 55c with no fan on while web surfing and listening to music. The bottom of the machine gets warm - but not too warm. When hooked up to an external monitor and multi tasking I reboot to allow the fan to turn on. Check out the video below and pictures.


If you are on the fence about getting an S10 DO IT! This is really a sweet little inexpensive machine and with OSX it is something awesome.


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